Friday, 22 June 2007

I know you're watching me

Andrea Corr's debut solo CD is out in the UK this Monday, the 25th of June. Produced by Nellee Hooper, the record is a departure from the Corrs' usual style, with more obvious electronic influences. Of the tracks that are available, the most successful song is "Hello Boys"(mp3).
Written from a brothel madam's point of view, the song comes on like Goldfrapp without the malevolent undercurrent. You get the feeling that although Corr might treat you mean 'til you beg for mercy, she'll ask nicely first.

Official Andrea Corr Website (link)

En plus, je sais que ça t'excite

Camille is best known in the UK for her 2005 album "Le Fil" (The Thread), in which every song is built on one continous note running through the recording. She also sung on the first Nouvelle Vague CD. However, Le Fil is not her debut release; in 2002 she released "Le sac des filles". Unlike "Le Fil" the record uses conventional song structures, but unusual elements remain, for example the apparent crockery fight that breaks out halfway through "Les Ex". (mp3)

The song features on her 2006"Live Au Trianon" CD, losing the crockery and flute line in favour of beatboxing and piano: the CD gets a UK release in July according to

Les ex (live) (mp3)
Au port (live) (mp3)

Official Camille Website (link)

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